Martina Fuchs Interview

Martina Fuchs Audio Interview

After taking part in the panel discussion on Thursday, 13th February of the Preparatory Seminar, Martina Fuchs of CNNMoney Switzerland stayed a little longer with the PR-team, Changeetha Chandresegaran and Philippe Muff.

Listen to her, offering insights into her passions for language and culture as well as talking about her professional life. In addtion, she gives valuable tips for living a successful life and takeaways about doing business in China.

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Uli Sigg Interview

Interview Excerpt with Uli Sigg, Preparatory Seminar 2019

On Tuesday, 12th February the participiants of Insight China 2019 had the great opportunity to attend an interview and Q&A session with China expert and art collector Uli Sigg. Listen in to the beginning of the interview where Nadine Hitz from the project team inquires about Mr. Sigg’s first contact with China and then the education system of China as well as its comparison with the Swiss model.

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Prep Sem Day 5: Joint Friday, Career Fair, Sustainability

As every year, the last day of the Preparatory Seminar is the day where all International Student Projects – Insight China, connectUS, Focus India and exploreASEAN – gather for a joint Friday. The day started with the Career Fair, where students of FHNW – regardless if they are participating in the ISP or not, could meet potential employers. There was also the opportunity for students to check their CV and get valuable inputs.

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Prep Sem Day 4: China Finance, Geopolitics and the Future

The day started with the presentation of Dr. Heinrich Siegmann of the organisation SwissBanking.

He presented us facts and figures about subjects such as

  • How the internationalization of the Chinese currency RMB has been developing in the past few years
  • The economic issues China is facing right now
  • China & Switzerland: their partnership in banking
  • Outlook and challenges for the future

Already, China contributes around one third of total world economic growth. By  2012, more than 10’000 financial institutions world-wide were doing business in RMB, it has certainly reached the global map. Globalization would not have been possible without competitive and growing banks in China. By now, China’s 5 largest banks have become global players.

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Prep Sem Day 3: Company Visits

The third day of the Preparatory Seminar consisted of company visits at Roche and Bertschi. In the early morning, we were invited to Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel. After having some coffee, we took the elevator to the 38th floor, the top of the tallest building in Switzerland — Roche Tower. In the next few years Roche will build a second Tower, which is going to be even taller! At Roche, people from 94 nationalities are working together.

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