Partnership 2023


Prime Access to highly talented and motivated students

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwesten Switzerland hosts an enormous amount of students from various study fields such as Applied Psychology, Life Sciences, Teacher Education, Social Work, Engineering, Information Technology and Business. A partnership with insight China boosts the awareness of your company among these students.

Possible collaboration during the Seminar in Switzerland and the Seminar Abroad

As a supporter of Insight China, you will be invited to our One-week Preparatory Seminar and your company may have the opportunity to be incorporated in terms of an expert speaker. Also, we could visit your organisation during our On-Site Trip in China to increase students’ awareness of your business.

Platform to promote your organisation

Not only you will be present on our webpage, social media activities and newsletter but also you will be mentioned during the Preparatory Seminar, the On-Site Trip and the Final Event which ensures an effective marketing reach.

Opportunity to network and collaborate

FHNW – with its great national and international network – has a valuable network among industry partners, influencers and partner universities. With an Insight China partnership, you become a part of this growing network.

Access to CVs

Established by last years’ student projects, you will have granted access to the CVs of all the four Project Delegation Teams (around 100 students). Through this unique opportunity you have access to a selection of the best students of the current generation from various study fields which might enables you to get in touch with the perfect graduate for your organisation.

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