We are excited to announce that the International Student Projects now accepting applications for next year’s team to carry forward our mission. We have 6 open positions available, including 4 Project Managers, each responsible for a unique role, and 2 Communication Managers who will be in charge of representing our projects across social media and various audiences.

Important information: Our project Insight China will be taking a break in the upcoming year, we are thrilled to announce its grand return in the 2024/25 edition! Nevertheless, your application is welcome for the other projects.


The Project Team positions are open to full-time or part-time School of Business (HSW) students studying BOEK, IM or IBM and entering their final year in September 2024.

These jobs require creative, entrepreneurial and communicative ability and excellent project management skills. The professional planning, organizing, managing and documenting of an introductory workshop, an onsite seminar and – a crucial task – raising and managing the necessary funds for the trip or the development of a professional multi-channel communications plan and its implementation across multiple platforms to widely divergent stakeholders.


  • Leadership as well as collaborative skills
  • Self-motivation and ambition
  • Organisational skills
  • Flexibility and ability to manage complex and changing situations
  • Commitment to further developing and improving the projects, creativity and innovation
  • Trouble-shooting capability and strong nerves
  • Discretion and ability to work with confidential information
  • Proven intercultural experience & an open attitude towards other cultures and countries
  • fluent English skills
  • Willingness to invest more time than is required for a ‘normal’ project and ability to deal with a heavy and irregular workload (equivalent to approx. 50% position).


  • For IM & BOEK students representing their project work/live project (5 ECTS), Focus Module (5 ECTS) and Integration Module (5 ECTS)
  • IBM* students receive 12 Weeks Internship + Project Management & Elective 3rd Year (6 ECTS)
  • Good opportunity for shaping and running a highly attractive, prestigious and challenging student project
  • Multi-faceted project work, ranging from organising an academic symposium to planning a challenging study-trip to a foreign country, and from recruiting sponsoring money to dealing with the media
  • Rare chance to create and shape opportunities that bring invaluable experience to you and your fellow students
  • Unique opportunity to work with professionals dealing with a major global player of today’s business world
  • Valuable contacts of considerable benefit for your future (bachelor thesis, employment)
  • Substantial real-life experience in cross-cultural project management
  • Letter of Recommendation

*ECTS credit allocation for IBM students may be subject to change.


Communication Teams are open to full-time or part-time School of Business (HSW) student studying BOEK, IM, WI, BIT or IBM and entering their final year in September 2022.

Within the Communication Team, your role is defined by developing communication concepts and document communication activities, maintaining and improving all areas of communication including press, social media and website, creating video recordings and promotional videos for the project, as well as writing and publishing our Joint Newsletter NeXus. Furthermore, you will support the project team with media work: interviews, press bulletins, etc.


  • Communications/PR/Media experience (if any)
  • fluent English skills
  • Social Media experience or IT skills (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, website coding, Adobe InDesign/similar)


  • For IM & BOEK students representing their Integration Module (5 ECTS) and Business Communication 4 (5 ECTS)
  • IBM* students receive 12 Weeks Internship + Elective 3rd Year (3 ECTS)
  • Gain experience in media work and integrated corporate communication and enhance your application dossier for a possible future position in Communication, PR or Marketing
  • Opportunities to reach out to the corporate world and build contacts
  • Guaranteed place on the On-Site trip
  • 50% reduction on the participation fee

*ECTS credit allocation for IBM students may be subject to change.


Seminar in Switzerland: February 2025, tbd

Seminar Abroad: March/ April 2025, tbd

Deadline for application:

tuesday, 14 may

For your application you will need the following:

  • Letter of application in English. Write about your interest and why you would fit and what you contribute to the next generation of connectUS
  • Curriculum Vitae / Lebenslauf (in English or German)
  • External reference (you can upload an existing reference from a former employer, social organization etc. which shows your skills / abilities)

All three documents must be merged into one PDF file in the order shown above and named Family Name_Given Name_Project e.g. Mueller_Maria_exploreASEAN

  • An internal FHNW reference– a lecturer or member of staff who is willing to support your application (only name required, you do not need a written reference, make sure the lecturer is asked and agrees beforehand)

Apply now!