What is Insight China?

Insight China is a prestigious project in it’s 21st year at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and offers ambitious students the opportunity to gain insights into China’s cultural and economic diversity. By promoting exchange between professionals and students, both sides benefit from each other through the combination of theory and practical experience. The aim is the transfer of knowledge between the delegation of students and companies that are involved in the project to create and strengthen the foundation of doing business in China.

The Project’s Milestones

Insight China consist of three major parts: The Seminar in Switzerland, the Seminar Abroad and the Final Event. Each of the Milestones has its own aims but all stand in the overall framework of broaden the participants’ horizon in terms of knowledge transfer between theory and practice.

Seminar in Switzerland

The Seminar in Switzerland, taking place at one of the campuses of FHNW will not only be about “Business in China” and what to consider on this year’s topic “Living in digital China – Does digitalization make life easier?”. In order to reach these objectives, exclusively selected speakers from various business fields will offer a thorough introduction to life and work in China. All delegation members attend the Seminar in Switzerland.

Career Fair

On the last day of the Seminar in Switzerland, partners get the chance to present themselves to the students. In addition, speed-interviews will be conducted where future graduates and potential employers immediately can consider their matches or gain valuable contacts for future reference.

Seminar Abroad

The second part of the project takes place in different metropolis in the People’s Republic of China. The whole delegation of about 30 students as well as several university lecturers will attend the Seminar Abroad. The study trip mainly focuses on transferring knowledge between senior executives, government officials, Chinese universities and FHNW students. This will be achieved by visits of companies, public institutions as well as universities. Regarded as an outstanding journey, it is a must for everybody who seeks to broaden one’s horizon in a unique manner and who would like to discover China’s economic and cultural diversity.

Final Event

In order to reflect on the learnt lessons and digest the impressions of the Seminar in Switzerland and Seminar Abroad, a Final Event will take place at one of the campuses of FHNW. Insight China as well as its partner projects will present their insights and experiences.