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"Bertschi is a longtime partner of the Insight China student project. With our engagement we want to give young people the opportunity to learn more about China, one of the most dynamically developing countries. On the other hand we get in contact with young talents and their ideas, which is also mind opening for us. We appreciate the professionalism and dedication of the project team making Insight China a success."
Hans-Jörg Bertschi
Executive Chairman Bertschi Group
Bertschi AG
"Learning about contemporary China in all facets - from business/technology to society and policy - is an important choice today for anyone who wants to make sense of our fast changing world. Insight China at the FHNW is an annual program that is ambitious in facilitating engagement on these topics for motivated and curious FHNW students with international outlook. In the background, a dedicated China Insight project team is designing and executing this program professionally and smoothly - congratulations and recommended for partners!"
Markus Hermann
Director and Managing Director Switzerland
“Insight China was invented by students almost two decades ago. To this day - and regardless of all political discussions - it is one of the best learning experiences about a country that will help shape our future."
Prof. Dr. Peter Abplanalp
Professor of Strategy and Competitiveness
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
“I have had the privilege to be a speaker & workshop leader a few times in the last years. The project teams have always been very professional about their approach. The events were always well organized and managed. I believe that Insight China is a beneficial event & platform for students providing a good mix of theories as well as practical insights. "
Daniel Bont
Senior Consultant China
Switzerland Global Enterprise
"A great opportunity to share precious and practical insights to a well motivated, eager and hungry audience. Truly well invested time which will certainly be paying off multiple times on different fronts."
Luigi Pezzuto
Head of PostLogistics International
Swiss Post