Preparatory Trip of the Project Team

After half a year of domestic preparations by the project team, it was time for us to go to China for a first time in 2018 in order to prepare the on-site seminar in a more detailed manner. The trip was a success all over.

Nothing beats a meeting

One can write a dozen e-mails, but a face to face meeting is irreplaceable. During our stay in China, we have met representatives from Lenovo, Inter China Consulting, Swissnex, Brugg Cables AG, M-Industries, Huawei, the Shenzhen Technology University, the Swiss Embassy, our Hotels and our local travel agency. In these meetings, we were able to discuss the respective expectations and fix certain details in order to organise an interesting and interactive on-site seminar for our delegation.

Cities which leave you speechless… literally!

For some of us, these were the first steps on Chinese soil. The hectic schedule (Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen in 8 days) forced us to adjust as quickly as possible. During the times which were not occupied by travelling to meetings or holding them, we discovered the unbelievable cities for ourselves. Constantly on the lookout for nice places for our delegation, we tested restaurants, checked out several sights and studied the public transportation system. This helped us to realise how massive these cities are. Many times, we were looking for the right words to describe the spectacular views and the entertaining happenings in front of our eyes. China really is different to Switzerland and experiencing it first hand is truly broadening one’s horizon. Looking for words, by the way, is a proper way to describe a journey through this country. The language barrier is huge and English does not take you far.

On-Site, we cannot wait!

As of now, we are sitting in the airport in Beijing, waiting for our flight back home to Zurich. With a bag full of experiences and a suitcase full of to-dos, we head back full of vigour. There is still an incredible amount of work to do but the last few days have made us confident that this year’s trip to China is going to be an awe-inspiring time for our delegation and us. We cannot wait!

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And History Continues…

The oldest of FHNW’s International Student Projects has some new faces!

We warmly welcome you to Insight China 2018. This year’s topic will focus on one of the biggest projects in the history of mankind. The New Silk Road – One Belt One Road.

We are honoured to continue and develop the tremendous work of past project teams and are looking forward to a new and exciting chapter!

Your Project Team 2018

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Application: Project Managers of Insight China 2018

Fellow students! Are you a disciplined and persistent person seeking an opportunity to challenge your managing skills?

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A unique opportunity to grow and progress lies ahead of you!

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Well Connected with our Silver Sponsor Brugg Cables

by Patrick Lüscher

After visiting Brugg Cables in Switzerland on February 15, it was really interesting to visit the company’s production sites in China and thus in a different perspective.

At first, we were received by Urs Schnell, the CEO of the Brugg Group and Brugg Cable Systems. He introduced us to the Brugg Group in general and their engagement in China. They employ 2000 people in 20 countries and approximately 180 of them in China. The next presentation was about Brugg Ropes. Amongst other products they produce ropes for elevators, and as 60% of the world’s elevator market is in China, the main factory lies in Suzhou. The Rope division of Brugg has 37 employees in Suzhou and produces over 12’000km of cables per year. One of the buildings, which Brugg Ropes equipped with their products, is the very famous Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. The next part was a presentation about Brugg Cables China. Their 90 employees produce and test accessory for high voltage cables.

After all those presentations, we got the chance to have a look at the production sites. We got a tour through the cable factory and visited the high voltage accessory production and testing. Then we went back to the presentation room and got a short introduction to the Suhner Group. They are the biggest shareholder of the Brugg Group and work together very closely. In the next part, we got an insight to the new generation of lifting cables produced at Brugg. The Gen2-cables are coated with plastic (TPU) to receive a smaller bending radius and therefore save energy. Another improvement are belts, which are much lighter than cables and allow the elevators to cover a longer route in one step.

The last part of the visit was another tour through the factory. At Suhner we visited parts of the Transmission division, where they produce flexible shafts. Next, we got the opportunity to see how the belts are made. To finish the whole day, we had dinner in a great restaurant by the lake together with Urs Schnell and three other managing directors.