Shanghai, The Big City Life

By Philippe Muff, Insight China PR Team 

The financial and commercial powerhouse Shanghai provided a remarkable blend between exciting nightlife, tradition and big city feeling. The Western touch and beautifully shining skyline soon enchanted many of us, especially those who have not yet been introduced to the bustling metropolis.

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tianzifang impressions

Tianzifang: An Example Of Chinese Lifestyle

By Simon Strebel, Insight China Delegate

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when thinking about Shanghai probably is the famous skyline of the city that includes several eye-popping buildings like the Oriental Pearl Tower (TV Tower) or The Shanghai Tower that currently is the second tallest building in the world. Although I was really fascinated when I saw the skyline for the first time, another experience was more impressive to me.

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lanzhou gsfao banquet insight china 2019

Discovering Lanzhou

By Lara Marzo, Insight China Delegate

After four exiting days in Beijing we continued our journey with a two day visit in Lanzhou, the capital and largest city of the Gansu Province. Lanzhou is located in the northwest of China and from west to east flows the Yellow River through the city. It is famous for its beef noodle soup and the Zhongshan bridge.

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Insight China 2019 Group Photo at the Swiss Embassy

Old Meets New in Beijing

By Philippe Muff, Insight China PR Team 

The pivotal capital of China was the first destination of this year’s Insight China program. On the day of our arrival, after battling our jet lag and satisfying our hunger, we soon visited the Embassy of Switzerland.

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Art Zone Beijing

Art and Culture in Beijing

By Cyril Schwarz, Insight China Delegate

Beijing awaited us with a diverse program consisting of cultural highlights and political insights. We even had the chance to visit ChemChina, the biggest Chinese agripharmaceutical company and acquirer of Syngenta. On Saturday we enjoyed a beautiful hike on the Great Wall that gave us an idea of how impressive this construction is.

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