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Summary Seminar Abroad in Singapore 2022

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After the arrival in Singapore on Friday (8th April), we had a good rest. Later that day we went to Little India, where we were able to see a different part of Singapore apart from the skyscrapers. We then had joint dinner and went to the Time Capsule to dive into the rich history, culture, landscape, and heritage of Singapore in a multisensory attraction.

On Saturday (9th April) we had a culture activity, where we did a Brewery Tour. In the tour they explained how their Tiger beer is produced and we were able to taste the beer in the bar afterwards. In the evening we went to a live music restaurant to enjoy a joint dinner.

On Monday (11th April) we did a tour to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The Buddhist temple is built in the style of the Tang dynasty (618 to 906 A.D.). In the temple we saw where tooth relic of the historical Buddha is located, which counts the size of 7.5 cm. 

Our first company visit was on Monday (11th April)to Hilti Singapore. 

Hilti was established in 1941 in Schaan, Liechtenstein. The company focuses on manufacture, development and market products for construction, energy and
manufacturing industries and building maintenance mainly to end user.

We learned about their latest digital innovations and about their education centre. We saw a recreation of their production centre, where they teach their employees production steps in the fields of Steel & Metal/ Facade, Building Construction, Mechnical & Electrical steps, Interior Finishing and Civil Engineering as last section.

It was an honour for us to have the opportunity to see how Hilti operates and functions in Singapore. Thank you for having us! 

On Tuesday (12th April) we did a Tea Appreciation Workshop at Yi Xuan Teahouse. There we learned how to differentiate quality tea from low-quality tea, which can be identified by the tea leaves. We were also taught how the whole process of traditional Chinese tea from brewing and preparing as well as drinking works. The world of tea drinking indeed is extremely rich. At the teahouse we had lunch together and later had joint dinner, where we ate hot pot. To some of us it was quite a challenge! 

The following day on Wednesday (13th April) we went to the National Museum of Singapore. This museum is the nation’s oldest museum. We saw many historical and cultural aspects, which shaped Singapore to this day. The museum opened in the year 1849 along with the Raffles Library and Museum. In the evening we had a joint dinner at a Cantonese Dining restaurant. 

Ms Anna Kämpfer held an online lesson with us on Thursday (14th April). She lectured us about the latest digital technologies that the People’s Republic of China has been using in recent years. Ms Kämpfer mentioned how the target audience of smart device users are reached through celebrities and influencers. She also highlighted differences and similarities of Switzerland referring to the usage of digital tools and explained how life is overall much more digitalised in China and much more traditional Switzerland still is. 

Tuesday afternoon (12th April) we visited T-Systems and had the opportunity to see their Cyber Defense Centre. The company is an internationally operating firm. They are a service provider for digital transformation and information technologies. The company is represented in over 20 countries with their headquarter in Germany, Frankfurt am Main and as a part of Deutsche Telekom AG. 

Suitable for this year’s topic we were introduced to their latest technologies. Mr Ricky Ng outlined how hacker attacks are happening, how they react in such a case and what measures they take to prevent attacks from happening in the first place. We were able to peak into their Security Operations Center (SOC) where they work from.

We are grateful to Mr Ricky Ng from T-Systems for your educational presentation and showing us around your company. It was an honour to have this opportunity, thank you for having us! 

Our third company visit was at Kuehne + Nagel Singapore. The company was founded in Bremen, Germany at 1890 by August Kuehne and Friedrich Nagel. The international company is known as a successful logistics provider in over 100 countries.

We were introduced to Kuehne + Nagel as a company and how they operate in Singapore and internationally. Then we had the chance to do a fun quiz, where we were questioned regarding our knowledge about Singapore. After their presentations we had joint lunch at the company’s cafeteria.

We want to thank the team at Kuehne + Nagel for enabling us to get a glimpse of their company in Singapore. It was an honour, and we are grateful for your educational insights. Thank you for having us!

During the Preparatory Trip in January the Project team met Mr Joël Brunner, the Science Counsellor of the Swiss Embassy in Singapore. On Friday (15th April) the whole project team as well as the delegation was able to meet him. Mr Brunner introduced us to some similarities and differences between Singapore and Switzerland regarding the topics of History, Economy, Politics and Society. It was an educational and informative presentation. He also addressed neighbouring countries. Afterwards he visited the Sustainable Singapore Gallery with us. Stay tuned for that! 

We want to thank Mr Brunner once more for continuously supporting the Project team and for guiding us to successfully conduct the Seminar Abroad. It has been an honour working with you! 

The same afternoon (15th April) we were able to meet Mr Brunner, we visited the Sustainable Singapore Gallery. There we attended a presentation, where contemporary topics of Climate Chance within Singapore was addressed. Issues like the Greenhouse effect, Global warming, production and recycling of waste and pollution on sea and land were addressed. We attended the gallery to learn how we all can be part of a more sustainable world. 

Right after the gallery we went to the Gardens by the Bay, where we visited the Cloud Forest, Flower Dome. We also went to the famous Skywalk together and enjoyed the golden hour. At all places we had the chance to admire Singapore’s natural beauty and felt once more how rich and green Singapore is as a state-city. 

At the Skywalk we ended the Seminar Abroad. The delegation had some free time to enjoy the Easter weekend before we headed back to Switzerland together. Overall, the Seminar Abroad was a huge success and we as Project team, the delegation, our supervisor as well as the staff are genuinely honoured and happy that the Seminar Abroad was able to be held after a pause of two years! 

Thank you!

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