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Preparatory Seminar – 3rd Day

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For the third day of the preparatory seminar the project team has organised two interesting company visits. The delegation had the opportunity to get an impression of the Novartis Campus in Basel and the facilities of Kabelwerke Brugg AG Holding in Brugg.

It’s the early bird that catches the worm…

The delegation met at 7.30 am at the FHNW Campus in Olten where a bus waited to bring the participants to Basel. After arriving at the Novartis Campus, the delegation had the pleasure to have a guided tour around the ‘city in the city’.


The tour started in the visitor’s building where the delegation could feel the influence of Africa and China. Novartis did not save any cost to make their facilities as attractive as possible for its employees. With the Novartis Campus, the company aimed at enhancing performance, productivity and innovation with an open door policy. The buildings do not resemble the old factory buildings at all. Rather, each building was created by one another architect. Even the most famous Vittorio Magnano Lampugnani himself designed the ‘Cloud’ where the Human Resource department is located. The tour closed by a presentation on Novartis global business activities and their engagement regarding innovation and China.IMG_2239

After lunch, the delegation visited the headquarters of the Kabelwerke Brugg AG Holding. Being a successful private cooperation expanding business to China, the Brugg Group invited Insight China for a tour through their factories.

Cable on cable on cable…


On first sight, the factory seemed like an unspectacular production side. However, one must admit that the facilities are impressive, and that the Brugg Group does not manufacture average cables. The company is a leader in its field and strives for continuous innovation and high maintenance of quality. The highlights of the tour were especially the test hall and the research and development area where new cables and technologies are tested.

One can say that the expectations on the preparatory seminar have been exceeded by far. On top of interesting speakers and companies, the delegation got a deeper understanding on Chinese culture and business customs. We are looking forward for the last two days to come!



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