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Summary Seminar in Switzerland

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The Seminar in Switzerland has been a huge success 


First and foremost, the Insight China team would like to thank all the partners, sponsors, speakers, staff and delegation for their support and contribution to the seminar in Switzerland. 

DAY 1 

The week started off with an opening speech for all four International Student Projects which was held by Prof. Michael Jeive, followed by Regula Altmann-Jöhl and a speech from our joint sponsor Blaser Swisslube AG from the CEO Marc Blaser.  


Afterwards, the project team and supervisor of Insight China, Dr. Yufan Jiang, introduced the delegation to the current topic and assignments that have to be completed. Before lunch break, Ms Yingbo Seiler-Zhao presented us the Chinese Business Customs and Etiquette.


In the afternoon, Ms Hua Xiao taught us a fun session of Chinese basics and how to survive in China. Prof. Dr. Peter Abplanalp ended the day with enriching inputs about China – History, Contemporary Developments and the Question of Resilience 

DAY 2 

In the morning we were honoured to welcome the Chinese Ambassador in Switzerland, Shihting Wang for the seminar in Switzerland. He introduced to us to the digital transformation in China and its impact living in digital China.  


Dr. Markus Rach welcomed us in his metaverse, where we had the opportunity to learn about Digital China – whether birthplace of the biggest marketing revolution since sliced bread. It was a new experience for the team and delegation to enter a metaverse. 


Later, Ms Vivienne Jia Zhong guided us through different topics of social robots in Switzerland and China with a demonstration of a robot called NAO. The delegation and project team were able to interact with NAO, which was interesting and insightful. 

DAY 3 

Our third day started with a virtual company visit to our Platinum Partner, Bertschi AG. Mr Beat Berner introduced us to the Bertschi Group, followed by Mr Marc Widmer, a former Insight China project member, who explained the global tank container transport. Afterwards, Ms Georgia Tziogkidou gave us insights into the digitalisation projects of Bertschi. Finally, Ms Viviane Mirafuente shared her work experience with social media and elaborated the trainee program.

 In the afternoon, our second virtual company visit was to Sinolytics where Dr. Camille Boullenois familiarised us to the world of consulting focusing on China. After the introduction, she explained the market governance, cyber security and regulatory challenges in more detail, which lead to interesting questions for the Q&A session from the delegation and project members

DAY 4 

Mr Danli Zhou opened the day virtually from Shanghai and introduced us to the company Swissnex. The company focuses on connecting Switzerland with other parts of the world in the field of education, research and innovation focusing on China’s digital landscape.  

Followed by a summary of the seminar week where the delegation exchanged their opinions and gave feedback to the Insight China team.  
In the afternoon, we welcomed Mr Christian Etter who explained the free trade agreement between Switzerland and China to us, which lead to interesting discussions. Later, Prof. Michael Jeive gave us an insightful presentation of the Changing National and International Responses to China’s Growing Assertiveness. Lastly, Dr. Xian Chu Kong gave us inputs into the Main Schools of Political Thoughts and dive into the topics of Daoism, Confucianism, Legalism and Sunyatsenismus. 

DAY 5 

The final day of the Seminar in Switzerland started off with an introduction from companies such as Bertschi AG, Accenture DACH, EBL, KPMG Switzerland, Coperion K-Tron and BBC Bircher Smart Access that were participating in the career fair. Afterwards, the delegation as well as project teams were able to have interviews with the companies.
Later, we welcomed Mr Hervé Lohr as a keynote speaker for all four International Student Projects about International Collaboration and Relations.  


We look forward to the Seminar Abroad!!

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