sztu and insight 2019 group picture at hans laser

Technological Wonderland Shenzhen

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By Philippe Muff, Insight China PR Team 

Our stay in Shenzhen was of short duration but tightly packed with several company visits. After arriving at the airport, we drove to nearby Heshen, being offered a lush and tropical landscape during the bus ride before soon gathering at the gates of ISA TanTec, a tanning enterprise with numerous locations worldwide.

The members were cordially welcomed by Mr. Christian Schneider and soon embarked on a guided tour through the impressive tanning factory. After the tour, we were shown the latest figures and facts of the company and even met CEO Mr. Uwe Hutzler, who answered all of our burning questions in an honest manner. As a conclusion to the visit, the delegation and project members were offered a hearty BBQ. Since dawn had broken when we finally arrived at the hotel, the official program suspended for the night and we individually went out to explore the city.

Thursday morning came early and the Insight China 2019 members expected a day full of new acquaintances and company visits. Gathering before Han’s Laser, a renowned Chinese technology firm, we soon met our friends from the Shenzhen Technology University (SZTU), who were all in their freshman year and eager to meet us.

We continued with the company visit, gradually introducing ourselves to each other, and learning about Han’s Laser’s business. Firstly, we were shown their robotics department. They gave quick demonstrations of each of their machines, while detailing the specifications or even answering non-technical questions. Moving on, we received a extensive tour of their in-house museum, learning of their history and achievements and were able to closely get a feel of their products.

After having spent lunch with our fellow students from SZTU, we went to a nearby park for quick group-speed-dating session, to finally have all meet everybody. Every group was given generic conversation topics and soon even the shyest people from both delegations exchanged their WeChat ID, laughed out loud, and posed for group pictures. In the end, even gifts were exchanged and we all continued to the next company visit.

Before arriving at our next destination, the Huawei R&D center, the members gazed incredulously out of the bus window, only to see tall and seemingly European structures. Disbelief and excitement soon set in. However, it was indeed where we were headed! Huawei had built a huge campus, based on European cities, reminding us of various amusement theme parks. Later, we found ourselves being transported in trains around the Huawei campus, visiting little Fribourg, Heidelberg or even Paris. We relaxed in a café, mitigating the fatigue from the heat and humid weather and were able to inquire with the employees. After taking final group pictures and selfies, we said our goodbyes and each delegation continued on their own way.

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