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Suzhou Old Town Tour and Brugg Cables Visit – Shanghai

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By Jann Stutz and Julian Jorns

After a long day of travel from Shenzen to Shanghai and a quick trip to the world famous and impressive bund, day 15 of the on-sight seminar marked the first day of company visits in Shanghai. Exactly speaking, not Shanghai, but Suzhou, which is a city fairly close to the multimillion metropole. The Insight China delegation made its way to Suzhou early in the morning to see the beautiful Humble Administration Garden, where many pictures of the amazing pavilions, flowers, bridges and ponds were taken. To close off the morning activities, Insight China went to the Pingjiang Road, an Unesco World Heritage in the city of Suzhou, and enjoyed all the delicious street food offered there.

In the afternoon, we were invited for a company visit at Brugg Cables Southeast China in Suzhou. Mr Zhang, the CEO, warmly welcomed us with an introduction speech, held in German. Several presentations allowed us to gain insights into their ropes, belts and high voltage cables accessories productions. The theoretical part was followed by a tour through their production sites, which further explained the unique products. It was very interesting to learn about the highly developed operations of Brugg Cables, which have successfully established themselves in the global market. We were amazed to learn, that their products are of key importance to one of the biggest buildings in the world, for example the Empire State Building in New York. The day was rounded off by a wonderful dinner with employees of Brugg Cables. Together, we enjoyed delicious food, red wine and could exchange ourselves with each other.


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