You are currently viewing Introducing Partners: Kabelwerke Brugg AG Holding – Switzerland’s leading cable producer

Introducing Partners: Kabelwerke Brugg AG Holding – Switzerland’s leading cable producer

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Brugg Cables was founded by Gottlieb Suhner as long ago as 1896. In the meantime, with sales of around CHF 270 million, Brugg Cables has developed into the largest company within the Brugg Group and is now Switzerland’s leading cable producer.

Our silver sponsor stands for quality and competence in producing high-standard cable system solutions, process control and pipe systems as well as ropes. Brugg Group delivers to the sectors of telecommunication, water treatment and energy management, transport and distribution, and protection against natural hazards. These days, the company operates as the Brugg group on a global scale consisting of five divisions with 60 companies in the leading industrial countries. In the Chinese single market, our silver sponsor facilitates production plants for cable systems in Suzhou and Shanghai and Geohazard Solutions and Security Engineering in Chengdu.

With the guiding principle ‘The limits of our imagination are the limits of our innovation’, our silver sponsor focuses clearly and consistently on its innovative strength. Aiming at continuously developing innovative products and services, adapting to globalisation and digitalisation, optimizing processes and products to align with Industry 4.0.

In order to maintain high quality and high standards in production, our silver sponsor offers special vocational programs for all 2000 employees. The Brugg Cables Academy provides talented staff the opportunity to enhance their knowledge through theoretical and practical skills education also in form of practical work placements in international companies within the industry.


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