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From Pasta to Rice Noodles – Visiting our Platinum Sponsor Bühler AG

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By Yannick Godat

Time flies by very quickly and unfortunately, we already reached the last day of company visits. Today’s targets were this year’s sponsors Bühler AG and Brugg Cables.

The day started with a bus tour from Suzhou to Wuxi which took us about one hour. As soon as we arrived at our destination, we were warmly welcomed by the Head of Business Development Mr Jürgen Simon. Bühler AG is a traditional family owned business which exists already since more than 150 years and is active in over 140 countries. The company is market leader in processing grains, rice, cocoa and many other raw materials. Further, Bühler AG has a leading position in providing solutions of die-casting and surface-coating technologies.

Our visit was split into 4 parts. It all started with a short presentation about the company, its technologies and their products. Bühler AG interestingly follows the philosophy “Innovation for a better world” which reflects their corporate investment in sustainable production. The second part of our visit was a tour through the company’s facility. We had the chance to see many different areas such as the foundry, training center as well as the assembly line. Especially the training center was impressive. We saw many different machines such as a packing machine for Ferrero Rocher or the 4-level-miling-machine for which Bühler AG is well known all over the world. Then, the delegation had the chance to ask all questions which were left after the presentation and the tour in the third part of our visit. Not only Mr Jürgen was answering our questions, he invited also several experts from different sectors such as the head of HR at the headquarter or the head of commercials in China. The fourth and final part of our visit was a joint lunch with Bühler AG. We had the unique opportunity to enjoy a delicious noodle soup and some other dishes while networking with the experts of Bühler AG.

Thanks to Bühler AG the delegation of Insight China could enjoy a very interesting and informative morning.


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