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Virtual On-Site 2021 Review

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April 9th marked the end of the virtual On-Site Seminar 2021. Although the current circumstances didn’t let us travel or meet in person, thanks to our amazing speakers we were able to learn various things about China. Such as the culture, the economic plans, or the international relations. Moreover, it helped us to get a deeper insight into the topic of 2021 “How resilient is China in times of COVID-19?”. We want to thank all the speakers, who took their time to bring us closer to China, even though everything was conducted online:  

Lei C Joanna   
Prof. Dr. Christian Baumgartner
 NG Damien
Thomas Stähli, Felix Fellmann  
ZHU Yuming  
BAO Yu  
PU Lisa, ZHU Meiya, JIAYANG Zhang, Laura Glaninger   
Uli Sigg  
Franc Kaiser 
Julie Kerner  
DONG Yuanyuan  
Mirjam Baijens, XI Celine  
Volker Schulte, Dr. rer. Pol. 
Uwe Hutzler  
ZHAO Yanhai, YAN Xuefei, MA Peipei  
Prof. Dr. Xinhua Wittmann  
YU Lijun  
Michael Zellweger  

A big thank you to the Delegation and everyone who joined and participated in the Seminar. We appreciate your understanding and contribution to our program. Hopefully, we can all one day visit China and see it with our own eyes.  

xièxie! 謝謝! 

Your Insight China Team 2021 

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