Tianshui – Making New Friends

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By Tatjana Linggi and Priyanthiny Balasingam

For the first time the delegation members had the great opportunity to take the high-speed train from Lanzhou to Tianshui. With an average speed of 240 km/h we had the chance to enjoy a fascinating scenery. Afterwards we went to Tianshui Normal University (TNSU), where we were warmly welcomed by Ph. D. Cai Wen-hao, President of the University and Professor of Economics. Followed to his speech our Head of Delegation, Michael Puelz, had a briefly speech about our school (FHNW) and especially he pointed out the Swiss dual education system. After his speech, we were keen to getting to know our Chinese partner students, which were responsible for the entire day.

After a joint lunch at Students’ Canteen with delicious traditional Chinese food we explored the Huo Songlin Art Gallery, which was established in June, 2010. The sight of the museum was written by Mr. Shen Peng, a very famous Chinese calligrapher and the former president of Chinese Calligrapher Association. This museum has a collection of more than 3000 books and 240 calligraphy and paintings, which are donated by Professor Huo and his students.

In addition, we continued with the painting exhibition at art gallery of TSNU, where the school collects the final projects of art students. Especially the paintings and the creative works of TSNU students were quite different then we are used to know in Switzerland.

Later on, we had cultural exchange activities, where TSNU students performed for the Insight China delegation. For us, this was the highlight of the day. Hence, we could enjoy traditional art, dance, singing and Chinese opera. It was a spectacular and absolutely amazing show, where we were encouraged to participate on the stage in different games. For example, we learned some Chinese sentences and had a blind-drawing competition. Furthermore, the entire delegation was invited to show up on the stage to take pictures with all artists.

All good things come to an end. This day ended with another joint dinner and many new friendships. It was touching for us to see how the school appreciates our visit. We hope in near future a relationship can be build up between TSNU and FHNW.

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