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From one-man operation to one of the largest Swiss online shops

Roland Brack has turned his hobby into his profession: In 1994, he began assembling computers for friends in the attic of his parents’ house in Fricktal, Aargau. With success: He soon hired his first employee and moved to the Mägenwil business park. Shortly afterwards, his online shop went online and he opened a purchasing office in Taiwan to import new products at low prices. The growing team attracted more and more new private, business and commercial customers thanks to quick deliveries and an ever wider range of products. Organic growth and acquisitions led to an increase in the company, the number of employees and the range of products.

Today, Roland Brack’s Competec Group with over 530 employees and a turnover of 602 million Swiss francs (status at the end of 2016) is one of Switzerland’s largest online trading companies with offices in Mägenwil, Willisau and Renens. The group is still owner-managed and independent. BRACK. CH AG, which belongs to Competec, operates one of the leading Swiss online shops under brack. ch. Customers appreciate the speed of delivery, personal and competent advice before and after the purchase and the range of over 200,000 products available from our own warehouse.

Joint Partners


The independent and family-owned Swiss company Blaser Swisslube was founded in 1936 by Willy Blaser and has since grown from a small business into a global player leading in technology.
Blaser Swisslube develops, produces and sells high-quality metalworking fluids. Working with Blaser, customers all over the world successfully produce a range of parts – tiny parts for the watch-making industry, demanding parts in the medical industry, huge structural elements for the aircraft industry and mass produced critical automotive parts.

Blaser Liquid Tool

Productivity, economic efficiency and machining quality are factors that critically depend on the choice and the quality of the metalworking fluid. With their profound know-how, experience, customized services and excellent products, Blaser helps its customers to fully capitalize on the potential of machines and tools and turn the metalworking fluid into a key success factor – a Liquid Tool.

Gold Partners


Bertschi AG provides bulk logistic services in Switzerland and internationally. Its activities include bulk-chemical logistics, liquid/dry bulk/global/solutions, intermodal and road transports, global tank container-transports, tank cleaning and repair facilities, short sea transports, and logistics solutions/concepts/SCM/outsourcing solutions. The company was founded in 1956 and is based in Dürrenäsch, Switzerland. It has subsidiaries in the Russian Federation, Turkey, the Middle East, China, the United States, and various European countries.

Emil Frey AG Autocenter Safenwil is a leading family-owned company in the car industry of Switzerland. The company is based in Safenwil since 1951. It belongs to the Emil Frey Group, which was founded by Emil Frey in 1924. It offers various services in the field of cars; specialising on sales, finances, insurances, as well as after sales. The Emil Frey Group enjoys a high as well as a long degree of trust with their manufacturers, distributors and clients, who are treated equally as partners. Their focus is lied on a good price-perfomance ratio, the supply of first-class products, exquisite work, as well as a personal and professional consultation. The consistent implementation of these core values are the reason for the Emil Frey company to enable quality and professionalism at the highest level up until now. What has started as a simple garage for motorcycles and automobiles, has now grown to a considerable commercial enterprise.

Titoni is indeed a unique Swiss watch brand. Rather unknown in its own country, the name is synonymous with excellent and precise timepieces across Asia, especially in China. Behind this success story in the Far Eastern is an unassuming family business from Grenchen.

Our Gold Partner is an independent, family-owned watch manufacturing company, based in Grenchen. At the foot of the Jura mountains, an area with its rich heritage and history of watchmaking in Switzerland, Fritz Schluep put his visionary ideas into practice. The trained watchmaker established in 1919 a small watch workshop and developed his first timepieces under the name Felco. Success was not long in coming, and soon the company established itself over the years as an internationally renowned brand for watches, known today as Titoni. Remained as one of the rare family-owned watch brand in Switzerland, Titoni has been overseen by three generation of the Schluep family throughout its history. Although Switzerland has many famous watch brands, Titoni distinguishes itself in that it not only serves wealthy people but opens its arms to a broader consumer base with a reasonable price range and undiscounted quality.
With his strong entrepreneurial spirit, Fritz Schluep expanded abroad early and passed his global views down to his inheritance. Thus Titoni became an acknowledged pioneer in internationalisation, reaching a global clientele. The brand is particularly strongly positioned in China, with around 800 sales outlets, along with roughly 50 services centers on the mainland. Due to its long-standing presence on the Chinese market, Titoni has evolved to become one of the most popular foreign brands in China. Having maintained excellent business relationships for decades, Titoni has established a sense of trust, which gives them a competitive advantage and seizes opportunities more quickly than the competitors. The high quality of Titoni’s watch-making, its classic design and dedicated after sales service have won the brand increasing clients in China over the decades. From the very beginning Titoni has been committed to the interests of its clients and has listened to their voice with gratitude.

The Swiss Utz Group is a globally active manufacturer of load carriers made of recyclable plastic. The storage and transport containers, pallets and workpiece carriers of the Swiss Utz Group are indispensable to industrialists, trade companies and factories in Europe. For many years, Utz’s large international customers have also relied on Utz: In China Utz has a factory in Suzhou (near Shanghai), which has been operating since 2015. In the USA, Utz is just doubling the plant capacity near Indianapolis to meet local growth to come. Utz has been present in the USA since 2003 and has been operating since 2009 with its own production facilities.

The Swiss company has a rich heritage and a tradition of excellence that they are proud to continue today. The enterprise was founded in 1912, and nowadays operates in Europe, North America and Asia with more than 15 locations, one of them is in Shandong, China. Bucher Emhart Glass produces glass forming- and testing machines, as well as components and spare parts for the glass container industry. Growing strategically through new branches, alliances and acquisitions, Bucher Emhart Glass has developed into a true global enterprise with the power to serve customers around the world with speed, responsiveness and understanding. Their global footprint provides the very best in established expertise, economical manufacturing and hands-on client support.

Silver Partners


In 1896 a cable factory was founded in Brugg by Gottlieb Suhner, which developed into the Brugg Group. At this stage the Brugg Group and its 2000 employees stand for quality and competence in producing high-standard cable system solutions, process control and pipe systems as well as ropes. Brugg Group delivers to the sectors of telecommunication, water treatment and energy management, transport and distribution, and protection against natural hazards.

The sponsor anticipates to continuously grow in the United States and Asia while performing a “quantum leap in effectiveness and efficiency”. Furthermore, innovation will be key for further growth and delivering the right products to their customers globally.

Brugg Group is highly interested in recruiting young talents from the Insight China Delegation within the areas of manufacturing engineering and electro- and information technology.

As one of their special educational programs, Brugg Group offers practical work placements to aspiring employees to enhance their business-knowledge in different day-to-day activities at international industrial companies. Furthermore, employees are enabled to deepen their personal knowledge in specific areas of activity and interest during such placements which last from one to six months.

Insight China’s sponsor Brugg Group facilitates production plants for cable systems in Suzhou and Shanghai and Geohazard Solutions and Security Engineering in Chengdu, China. The company, consisting of 4 divisions and represented with 24 production facilities and 32 selling organisations, operates in 22 different countries including all major industrial countries worldwide.

Reishauer AG – The world’s leading manufacturer of gear grinding machines

Highly accurate transmission gear is essential for the smooth running and a long service life of its vehicle. For decades, Reishauer has developed and exported high precision gear grinding machines, becoming a standards-setter in its field.

Our Silver Partner Reishauer was established in 1788 by Hans Jakob Däniker. Opened up his small workshop in Zurich, he could hardly have imagined that he was setting the foundation stone for a global company. In 1812, he was joined by Johann Gottfried Reishauer, who took over the workshop in his own name after Däniker’s death. Initially producing high quality cutting and measuring equipment, led soon to the manufacturing of grinding machines. Today, success has proven them right: Reishauer has grown into a leading manufacturer of gear grinding machines with approximately 600 employees. The organization has a dominant market share of the gear grinding process in the entire automotive industry. Besides grinding process of high-volume car and truck powertrains, Reishauer is developing and producing machine tools to grind gears in the train-, wind turbine- and watercraft industry.

Rightly regarded as a global player, Reishauer has exported for decades to Europe, Asia and America with each represent about a third of the global business of gear manufacture. To guarantee an all-round comprehensive technical and customer support by local service engineers, Reishauer has established subsidiaries in Germany, the US, China and India. Moreover, to best serve their local customers, all subsidiaries have direct access to the parent company’s vast engineering knowledge base.

Reishauer has continued to implement the latest technology with precision craftsmanship. This singular focus has allowed their customers to meet the challenges of the gear industry worldwide by providing them the machine tools to achieve excellent performance.

The Aargauische Kantonalbank was founded in 1914 and is the leading Universal bank for private- and corporate clients in the canton Aargau. The AKB offers you a complete consultation and advice tailored precisely to the customer’s needs. Sustainability is an integral part for the bank’s business- and corporate culture and is an already long tradition of the company.

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