Silver Partner 2020

Roche Logo

Founded in 1896 by Fritz Hoffmann, the F. Hoffman-La Roche AG is internationally known as one of the biggest pharmaceutical enterprise in the world. With its headquarters located in Basel, La Roche AG employs close to 95’000 globally and provides a wide array of pharmaceuticals, ranging from cancer treatment to medication against virus infections.

As one of the biggest investors worldwide, the company strives for solving some of the greatest medical challenges in today’s society. To achieve this anticipated goal, La Roche AG collaborates with highly skilled employees from different nations and cultures. Every year, the pharmaceutical enterprise searches for over 400 young enthusiasts, joining their ranks within 14 different careers.

With over 40 branches in China, mostly located in Shanghai, La Roche AG is a valuable partner for Insight China 2020. We are thankful for this opportunity and look forward to a beneficial collaboration.