Hans Bertschi first started his business back in 1956. He then purchased his first truck, a Berna model, and transported goods such as steel from Germany to Switzerland. In 1964 he finally convinced the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) of the advantages to load into trains instead of trucks. This resulted in the first transport from Basel to Lugano and marks the birth of transalpine intermodal transportation of goods. As the business grew successfully, Hans Bertschi got support from his brother Rolf and together they founded Bertschi AG. Since 1964, Bertschi AG has remained a family business to this day.

Some years later, in 2011, Bertschi was the first company to transport ISOtanks on a pure rail route between Europe and China. ISOtanks are containers designed exclusively for the transport and storage of liquids, are manufactured according to ISO standards, and therefore guarantee a very high level of safety.

Today, Bertschi is the European market leader in intermodal chemical transportation on rail, road, and water. Through the systematic shift of transport, Bertschi contributes to environmental protection and reduction of the carbon footprint of the industry. The company also established a leading position in global ISOtank transportation and value-added logistics services and leads in commitment to safety, quality, service, and environmental protection thus provides amazing opportunities for both – customers as well as employees.

As a global logistics service provider, Bertschi is constantly evolving. The corporate philosophy established by its founders, Hans and Rolf Bertschi, remains deeply embedded in the company’s culture and its roots are still very much in evidence. Bertschi has remained a family-owned company with its headquarters in Dürrenäsch, Switzerland.