Insight China celebrates its 21st Anniversary!

Insight China looks back at a rich history of successful projects, informative interactions, exciting routes and knowledge transfer between Swiss and Chinese representatives. To continue this legacy and make this special anniversary unforgettable for our delegation this year’s edition will cover the following destinations to guarantee you a full insight into the Chinese culture! 


As one of the oldest cities in the world  and not only because Beijing is a 6-times capital city  it bears its very own history. Beijing is home to a total of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is considered the cultural hub of China. Unique culture, art, cuisine and architecture. In China’s second largest city  the No. 1 China gateway  we will start our on-site trip and create an optimal basis for an exciting and completely new experience.


The capital of Gansu province is home to about 3.2 million people and is known as an ancient city on the ‘Silk Road’ trade route between Europe and China because it is at the entrance of a lowland corridor called the Hexi Corridor. Surrounded by mountains, deserts and plateaus, trade routes from north to south were blocked and Lanzhou benefited from the trade that inevitably passed through this area. It provided a platform for Western ideas, religions and views and under its influence Lanzhou has changed. Today the city is still known as an important transportation hub. The legacy of centuries of travel and trade on the Silk Road are the Bingling Temple Grottoes near Lanzhou and ancient temples and fortifications in the Hexi Corridor, and the modern city of Lanzhou offers the Gansu Provincial Museum as a travel highlight and modern facilities for a Silk Road tour. 


Along the coast of the South China Sea and in the immediate north of Hong Kong lies Shenzhen. Shenzhen, a provincial city on the east bank of the Pearl River Delta, is widely known as China’s Silicon Valley. It is considered to be one of the fastest-growing cities in the world (1990-2000) – from a small seaside town to one of China’s biggest and most important cities.


Not for nothing is Shanghai the most famous city in China. Many popular districts, one of the first and now one of the largest Chinese ports (open for trade with the West). As one of China’s most influential trading center since the Communist victory in 1949  meeting domestic demand. Due to its geographical location on the coast of the East China Sea  between the Yangtze River and Hangzhou Bay  it encompasses not only the city itself, but also the surrounding suburbs and agricultural hinterland.


*Destinations are subject to change during the planning process due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.*

The Project Team of Insight China monthly evaluates the situation to ensure that contingency plans are in place for all possible scenarios.
It is of our utmost importance that the delegation receives the 5 ECTS credits. 
Additionally, we want to provide as many benefits and the best experience as possible for the delegation members despite the unforeseeable future. 
In case there is a change of plans, regarding the country of destination and cities we will, of course, inform you.
Until then, stay safe, take care and hopefully see you soon. 

Your Insight China Team