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Lanzhou – Once in a Life Time Experience

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By Manuela Dreier and Patricia Wagner

The fifth day of Insight China started with a new city – Lanzhou. We left early to take a domestic flight, which took 2.5 hours. The transfer to the hotel was very well organized by Lanzhou. We arrived directly in the hotel for an amazing regional lunch! It was a great start in this new region, with several different dishes. After lunch we visited the Gansu Museum and Lanzhou Cultural Expo Garden. The main part was about the whole history of Chinese bridges. Lanzhou is called the western bridge capital, as many bridges are located in the city. It is actually the only city where the yellow river passes. The yellow river is the biggest river in China and the 5th biggest in the world! The first modern steel bridge was built with the cooperation between China and Germany. It was nice to learn all about the history of bridges, as Insight China is all about connecting China and Switzerland – and we also build a symbolic bridge to Lanzhou.

After this visit, a once in a life time experience started with the Banquet by GTC. The main colours were all about red – the men of the delegation wore a red tie and the women a red foulard. In deepest thankfulness everyone had a short speech, followed by a Gan Bei! On the top of this special ambiance, we had many delicious dishes. We are all very pleased of this warm welcome to Lanzhou.

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