Introducing Partners: Zehnder Group AG – A heating and ventilation manufacturer, synonymous for comfort and healthy indoor climate

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Nowadays, programs for environmental sustainability are now at the top of the political agenda in many countries. However, inspiring people to think and live in a more environmentally conscious manner proves to be difficult. Zehnder is aware of its responsibility and has always promoted a healthy and energy-efficient indoor living.

Our Silver Partner’s history begins in 1895, where Jakob Zehnder sets up his own workshop in his home town of Gränichen. There, he carried out all kinds of repairs and sold from bicycles, typewriters to washing and sewing machines. In 1923, Jakob’s sons took over the workshop, while turning their focus fully to the motorcycle business. Started off with great success, difficult financial situation had forced the Zehnder brothers to resign from the management. In search for new business opportunities, the Zehnder brother started to produce radiators for which the company has been known and valued since. Now, for more than 80 years, Zehnder is one of the leading market suppliers of heating and cooling systems. The enterprise is represented worldwide with more than 3000 employees. Zehnder’s products and systems are marketed under two international brands and several national brand, such as Runtal or Greenwood.

The secret behind Zehnder’s success story has been company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The company has continued integrating environmental awareness and actions into its operations. The technologies used by Zehnder allow great energy saving and a healthy indoor climate. Its solution reduces the level of dust in the air and the amount of cleaning required. Moreover, it promotes the well being of the occupants and increases the value of the property.

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