You are currently viewing Introducing Partners: Bühler AG – A major contributor to global food supplies

Introducing Partners: Bühler AG – A major contributor to global food supplies

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Whether the bowl of cereals in the morning, the pasta plate for lunch, or the refreshing beer after work – Bühler was most probably involved. The machineries used by the group, grind around two-thirds of the wheat worldwide, contributing to one-third of the global pasta production and produces three quarters of the malt for beer. Undoubtedly, with its industrial process technologies and solutions, Bühler makes a significant contribution to global food supplies.

With a staff of just three and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Adolf Bühler established his cast iron foundry in 1860. His visionary idea paved the way for the enterprise to become a global success story. Today, our Exclusive Platinum Partner Bühler operates in over 140 countries and holds leading market positions worldwide in the fields of technology along with processes for transforming grain into flour and animal feeds, producing pasta and chocolate, and manufacturing die cast component. The core technologies of the Group are in the field of mechanical and thermal process engineering. Despite the leading role, only a few are familiar with the company. Since Bühler is not listed and has remained family-owned throughout its history. The company, with around 10’800 employees is particularly committed to sustainability. With industrial process technologies, the company is helping to ensure that everyone around the world will always have access to a safe, healthy, and affordable food supply, while also setting standards with regard to energy efficiency and sustainable mobility. Just recently, Bühler has launched a new PET recycling solution, which is reportedly capable of improving yields by more than 30 %. It regards itself as a partner for industry and science, but also governments, helping to tackle global challenges resulting from population growth and climate change. Moreover Bühler places great emphasis on providing high-quality training and continuing education for its employees and currently has around 600 trainees in Switzerland, the USA, and Asia.

Since the 1980’s, Bühler has been operating in China, with its headquarters located in Wuxi. Its main business is the production of machines, plants and services for grain and food processing. Currently, more than 3’ooo people are responsible for manufacturing high-quality material in China. Besides its main production site in Wuxi, other factories are located in Changzhou, Hefei, Shenzhen and Xian. However, Bühler China not only consists of production plants but also has become an important innovation hub. Constant innovation through its own R&D activities ensures Bühler a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

There are plenty of good reasons for Bühler’s success: Personal commitment, clever entrepreneurial decision-making, a high level of sensitivity to the changing needs of the market, and a core business that has become a byword for quality and consistency, founded on the distinct power to innovate. Tackling the challenges of the period and of the market have always played a role in shaping the direction of the company. This is simply something that Bühler has always done, and when it comes to generating benefits and added value for their customers, they have always been a step ahead.

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