Introducing our Silver Partner: Reishauer AG

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Being already in the third century of existence, our Silver Sponsor Reishauer AG has a long tradition in the gear industry. With its historical roots in 1788 Reishauer evolved from a manufacturer of tools to a medium-size precision machine tool builder. The Swiss company is currently employing approximately 600 employees. Cars, aircraft and industrial machinery all require high-accuracy gears for their transmissions. Worldwide, Reishauer gear grinding machines play a major role in the manufacturing process of grinding gears used in such transmissions. Demands placed on these transmissions include the reliable transfer of high torque and power density, low weight and minimal noise emissions.

In recent years, greater efficiency, lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 output have been added to the growing list. Reishauer precision ground gears ensure the demands placed on transmissions can be fully met. Additionally, in terms of manufacturing gears, the costs per gear part have to be reduced, while, at the same time, uncompromisingly high part quality and process stability must be maintained. Continuous generating gear grinding, a process invented by Reishauer in 1945, has led the way since, and has established itself as the most productive process for the hard finishing of gears.

In principle, the kinematics of this process can be understood as a worm drive, with the grinding worm adding the abrasive machining components needed to generate the precise involute gear form. Since its invention, this process has been continuously improved, and today as in the past, Reishauer machines set the industry standard for gear grinding.

The global strategic outlook of Reishauer is that Europe, the Americas and Asia each represent about a third of the global business of transmission manufacture. Across these regions, automotive companies, for example, unreservedly depend on the quality and productivity of Reishauer gear grinding machine tools.

Made in Switzerland

In spite of its international scope of activities, Reishauer relies on manufacturing its products in Switzerland, a country well known for its tradition of high precision. Hence, all of the core components are made in-house in a factory near Zurich.

The cornerstone of Reishauer is its Circle of Competence. This concept encompasses more than just the manufacture of sophisticated machines. The company produces its own tooling such as grinding wheels, workholding and diamond dressing rolls. In this way, Reishauer can truly guarantee that all elements of the grinding process – the machine and the tooling – are fully under control. Furthermore, as the level of automation across industry has increased, Reishauer now builds its own material handling solutions, tailor-made to its machines and to specific customer needs.

To be close to its customers, Reishauer has established subsidiaries in Germany, the US, China and Japan to offer comprehensive technical and customer support by local service engineers and through locally held spare parts. Additionally, to best serve their local customers, all subsidiaries have direct access to the mother company’s vast engineering knowledge base.

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