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Introducing our Silver Partner: Brugg Group

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In 1896 a cable factory was founded in Brugg by Gottlieb Suhner, which developed into the Brugg Group. At this stage the Brugg Group and its 2000 employees stand for quality and competence in producing high-standard cable system solutions, process control and pipe systems as well as ropes. Brugg Group delivers to the sectors of telecommunication, water treatment and energy management, transport and distribution, and protection against natural hazards.

The sponsor anticipates to continuously grow in the United States and Asia while performing a “quantum leap in effectiveness and efficiency”. Furthermore, innovation will be key for further growth and delivering the right products to their customers globally.

Brugg Group is highly interested in recruiting young talents from the Insight China Delegation within the areas of manufacturing engineering and electro- and information technology.

As one of their special educational programs, Brugg Group offers practical work placements to aspiring employees to enhance their business-knowledge in different day-to-day activities at international industrial companies. Furthermore, employees are enabled to deepen their personal knowledge in specific areas of activity and interest during such placements which last from one to six months.

Insight China’s sponsor Brugg Group facilitates production plants for cable systems in Suzhou and Shanghai and Geohazard Solutions and Security Engineering in Chengdu, China. The company, consisting of 4 divisions and represented with 24 production facilities and 32 selling organisations, operates in 22 different countries including all major industrial countries worldwide.

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