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Introducing our Main Joint Partner: Blaser Swisslube Ltd.

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Since its foundation in 1936 by Willy Blaser, Blaser Swisslube Ltd. has the goal to produce value-added products that are friendly for humans and the environment. This striving for innovation runs through the company’s history like a golden thread.

When the company was founded by Willy Blaser it was active in the segment of selling boot polish and cleansers. It was when his son, Peter Blaser joined the company in 1973, that the company enlarged their product portfolio with metalworking fluids. Nowadays, the Blaser Swisslube Ltd. – now in its third generation with Marc Blaser – generates a large part of its turnover with coolants and has its global headquarters still in Hasle-Rüegsau, Emmental, Switzerland.

The usage of Blaser Swisslube’s products is diverse. The high quality cutting and grinding fluids are utilized at machining and grinding applications, especially in industries, such as watch-making, medicinal, aircraft and automotive. All of our sponsor’s products are designed to lead to improve productivity, economic efficiency and machining quality. High priority to all of Blaser Swisslube’s production items are stability, safety and ease of use.

As a trademark, Blaser Swisslube has introduced liquidtool® which represents the value proposition for the customers in the metalworking industry and offers customized solutions to customers. In close cooperation with the customers and based on a holistic view of the manufacturing process, Blaser Swisslube presents the possibilities to fully exploit the potential of machines and tools by using the right metalworking fluid which becomes a Liquid Tool. This promise is backed by excellent products, customized services, competent experts and its long experience in the metalworking industry.

Our sponsor – with subsidiaries in both Beijing and Shanghai – is especially interested in recruiting students from the fields of Business Administration (Communications), Informatics, Business Engineering and Engineering. The company counts around 600 employees in total, with 300 employees in Switzerland. The sponsor is globally represented in about 60 of the worldwide biggest industrial nations. Amongst Blaser Swisslube’s customers are companies such as Airbus, Mercedes and Sony.

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