TITONI is indeed a unique Swiss watch brand with a remarkable history. Today, the name TITONI is synonymous with excellent quality timepieces across Asia, especially in China. Behind this success story in the Far East stands an unassuming family business from Grenchen, Switzerland. Our Gold Partner TITONI is one of the last remaining Swiss watch companies, which is still family-owned and completely independent. A true rarity nowadays in the watchmaking industry that is mainly controlled by large groups. titoni headquarters front In 2019, the watch company celebrates it’s 100th anniversary. It all started a century ago in a small watch atelier at the foot of the Jura mountains – an area which is world-famous for its rich heritage and history of Swiss watchmaking. Fritz Schluep, the first generation of the Schluep watchmaking family, put his visionary ideas of creating quality timepieces at an affordable price into practice.
Bertschi is a global logistics service provider for the chemical industry specialising in the logistics of liquids and granulates. The family business headquartered in Switzerland was founded in 1956 and has an annual turnover of around 900 million Swiss francs. The Group has 2,850 employees working in 75 subsidiaries in 38 countries providing high-quality logistics services and local customer support. Bertschi has a fleet of 34,000 tank and silo containers, 1,100 trucks and 30 container terminals. The company is market leader in Europe for the intermodal transportation of chemicals by rail, road and shipping, and one of the global leading providers of tank container transportation and supplementary value-added logistic services for the chemical industry. Major Bertschi subsidiaries outside Europe are located in Shanghai, Singapore, Houston, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Al-Jubail and Istanbul.

At Ronda, Time is Our Passion

Ronda AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovatively-designed, high-precision quartz watch movements and now reintroducing mechanical movements. The company’s customers include renowned watch brands in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA. A traditional Swiss company that was founded in 1946, Ronda has its roots in Canton Basel-Land, where its headquarters in Lausen is still located today. The Group comprises five international subsidiaries in Switzerland, Thailand and Hong Kong. The Ronda Group employs about 1500 personnel in its Swiss and Asian operations. Currently in the hands of the third generation, Ronda is a family-owned company that attaches the highest importance to maintaining absolute business autonomy, an aspiration that is also in the best interests of its various customers. Developing innovative products and cultivating strong personal relations with its partners are further key elements in the Ronda business strategy.