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ChemChina, First Company Visit in Beijing

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By Changeetha Chandresegaran, Insight China PR Team 

For the first time since establishing the international student project Insight China, the delegation had the chance to visit the company ChemChina at their headquarters in Beijing.

ChemChina is a state-owned enterprise established by reorganizing the subsidiary companies under the former Ministry of the Chemical Industry, People’s Republic of China. ChemChina has production and R&D bases in 150 countries and regions worldwide and boasts a full-fledged marketing network.

After arriving at the headquarters, we were warmly welcomed by the hosts of ChemChina and representative Mr. Ban Wei. The afternoon started with a presentation about the parent company of ChemChina, followed by a presentation about Syngenta. We learned that the Chinese government has the control over ChemChina, but does not interfere in the daily management.

After the presentation was held by the hosts of ChemChina, it was our turn. As our delegation consists of students from different field of studies such as International Management, Mechanical Engineering, Life Sciences and so on, each student from a different field had the opportunity to present their studies to the employees of ChemChina.

Shortly before the meeting at ChemChina came to an end, we had a Q&A session. First, the hosts of ChemChina could pose their questions to the Insight China delegation, such as

  • “What is the biggest festival in Switzerland and how do the people celebrate it?” 
  • Do you know the new “Four Great Inventions in China”? 

In the second round, it was up to the Insight China delegation to pose our questions. We prepared questions like

  • Are you actively engaging in sustainability?
  • What role plays the chemical industry in China’s economic development?

We also discussed about the challenges the Chinese workers face when interacting with European workers and vise versa & how to overcome them. As you may have noticed, the afternoon at ChemChina was very interactive, filled with informative presentations and engaging discussions. Many thanks to ChemChina again for hosting this wonderful meeting at your office!


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