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Day 7: Lanzhou

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by Sowjanya Alluri 

There are some events in the life of every individual, which keep on knocking the memory throughout the life. I have also experienced a few such events in my life and the student career. Out of these events, my visit to Beijing is the latest experience. Besides observing Chinese culture, I could gather very useful information, which will be helpful during my studies.

After reaching Lanzhou today, we visited “Dunhuang Art Gallery” – a digital art gallery. In fact, the original art gallery is far away from the city. The conducting officer briefed us about each and every corner of the gallery. We really enjoyed the visit and gathered useful information.

In the evening, the entire delegation has been invited for dinner. Relationship with officials from Lanzhou department of education and Prof. Peter Abplanalp nearly started 23 years ago. Prof. Peter Abplanalp played a major role in developing the relationship between FHNW and Lanzhou officials. A really nice and lavish dinner was hosted by Lanzhou officials in our honor. We reached a little early to dinner time, as we wanted to have some discussion with the hosts to make it memorable. After the dinner, the hosts provided us an opportunity to sit together and share our views with each other. We sang and danced to both Swiss and Chinese songs. It was fun and joyful evening. As a token of love from the Chinese people, we were presented gifts by the Chinese officials after the dinner.

The Chinese people extended great hospitality towards us during our entire visit. We were able to be acquainted with the Chinese culture. I am sure this visit will remain one of my best memories in China.


Head of our delegation, Dr. Yufan Jiang, addressing the guests


Interactions over a delicious dinner


Multiple delegation members toasting the Chinese and Swiss Delegation

IMG_0859 IMG_0867


Our delegation dancing to Chinese music


Insight China’s Project team with Minister Chen, Province Gansu


Presenting the wooden Trauffer cows as gifts from the Delegation



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