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Innovative Technologies at Huawei

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By Fabian Frei and Dario Seiler

On Friday, we visited the headquarter of Huawei after a fascinating one-hour ride through Shenzhen by bus. In the beginning of our visit of Huawei, a tour-guide showed us the two square kilometers wide old campus. It was very fascinating for the whole delegation to see this impressive campus, which also included a private sea with black swans. We were then told that there are black swans on every Huawei campus as a reminder for the unexpected.

Huawei is a Chinese company, where around 180’000 employees work, and about 45% of them in one of its 15 Research and Development centers, spread in the whole world. Huawei is active in more than 170 countries and regions and is organized around three core business segments. The first one is Telecom Carrier Networks, building telecommunications networks and services. Secondly, Enterprise Business, providing equipment, services and software to enterprise customers. The third sector involves manufacturing electronic communication devices.

Next, we took a ride to the new opened campus nearby, where David Harmon, Vice President Global Public Affairs, hold a speech about the most important points of Huawei globally and especially in Switzerland. Afterwards we could ask our questions to Mr. Harmon and got detailed answers.

After a delicious lunch in the canteen we went to the show-room, where we saw the infinite applications and ideas of Huawei’s technologies for the future. Especially to mention is the internet of things, the smart home and industry 4.0, which impressed us a lot.

All in all it was an interesting company visit, which disclosed the numerous sectors in which Huawei is involved, in an easy understandable way. Thank you very much Huawei for this unique opportunity!


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