Official closure of the Insight China 2016 edition

Dear All

With today’s post, we mark the official closure of this year’s edition of the international student project Insight China.

Our delegation member, Severin Jörg, has compiled a video with the highlights of our onsite trip earlier this year. Have a look and get insights into our company visits and other events in China.

The new team for the 16th edition of Insight China has been nominated and as of today: “The stage is yours!” We are wishing you all much success and energy for a great challenge!


This year’s project team, Olivier Meyer, Meret Morin, and Florian Georg, as well as the PR Team, Amanda Bögli, and Valentina Heiz, thank you all for your active involvement in this project.


Final Event of the International Student Projects

It was the last event and final highlight of this year’s issue of Insight China 2016. We celebrated the Final Event in Olten, together with our sister projects Focus India, connectUS and exploreASEAN.

Olivier Meyer, organiser of Insight China’s Preparatory Seminar, welcomed the audience highlighting the many achievements the projects have reached this year. One of them being that the four projects have enabled more than 100 students, lecturers and supervisors to explore the respective areas of the projects. Further, a record number of almost 50 partners have been attracted to support the projects which is truly remarkable. After Olivier’s welcome, the projects owned the stage with their individual presentations about their project, with a focus on the Onsite seminars in March & April 2016.


Florian R. Georg, responsible for sponsoring and finance at Insight China, and Valentina Heiz, in charge of PR and communications at Insight China, have introduced the audience to the events of the Preparatory and Onsite Seminar. They introduced the guests to the project’s topic “Made in China 2025” which has served as a central theme for this year’s issue of the project. Further, the two students shared many pictures, valuable learnings from our speakers at the Prep Seminar and company visits during the Onsite Seminar, but also cultural highlights from the impressive trip to the Middle Kingdom! The business and cultural insights gave the audience – full of fellow students from the delegation, lecturers and potential new project team or PR team members – a good idea of the experience.



To conclude this successful presentation, the video – kindly compiled by the delegation member, Severin Jörg – included impressions from company visits, sightseeing and social interactions! This video gave everyone a great feeling of what the delegation has experienced and learned! A big Thank You to Severin for his effort!

According to the persistence of the projects, Focus India, connectUS and exploreASEAN also presented their learnings from the Preparatory and Onsite Seminar. Hearing from other projects and also seeing their videos has been very rewarding in order to get an idea of what fellow students have experienced and learned.

Towards the end, Michael Jeive – supervisor to all four International Student Projects – has once again highlighted the importance of these projects to the school. Further, he also thanked the supervisors but more importantly also the students who have dedicated a lot of time and energy to the success of these projects. All members of the project teams and PR teams have then gathered on stage to celebrate what has been achieved!


As yesterday’s event marked the final official occasion of the 15th edition of Insight China, it is our duty and pleasure to thank everyone who has made this project possible! Most importantly, gratitude goes to our sponsors who support this student project and provide a great network.

Day 14: Shanghai Port

by Dominic Koch

The delegation woke up again with a top view over the big city of Shanghai having breakfast on the 38th floor which left no wishes unfulfilled. The day predicted to be one of the most interesting of the onsite trip. We headed out to the North of Shanghai for a company visit at Kuehne + Nagel. We all used the bus ride either to gain some more rest or to play some Swiss card games. Kuehne + Nagel provides sea freight, airfreight, overland forwarding, warehousing, contract and integrated logistics. In 2010, the firm become the leading global freight forwarder. The first highlight of the day was the presentation from Willem coming from the Netherlands and being one out of six trainees based in Shanghai for 18-25 months. During this period, he received a lot of support from the company to get adapted to the Chinese business and the life in Shanghai. Important to him is to be open, learn the basics in the operational business and be pro-active to become successful. In the afternoon, we visited two milestones in the construction history. First, we crossed the Donghai Bridge which is the world’s longest sea bridge with 32.5km. Then, we arrived at the Port of Shanghai which is the world’s busiest containter port since 2010. The port faces the East China Sea and Hangzhou Bay. It includes the delta of the Yangtze, Huangpu and Qiantang River. After a short stop at the silk market where we ordered some tailor made suits. Later, the delegation went back to the hotel to enjoy the entertainment facilities of the gym or spa. The evening started with a delicious dinner in a Thai restaurant in the financial district of Shanghai with a great view over the skyline.

Presentation at the Kuehne + Nagel offices in Shanghai


Impression from the Shanghai port





The international student projects’ biggest delegation at the world’s largest port


Day 9: LS Group & Arrival in Shanghai

by Olivier Meyer

As the oil production used to be the key industry of Ganso province, building an oil production equipment cluster clearly enhances the province’s industrial development. Through a company visit at LS Group in Lanzhou, we had the chance to get an insight in this highly innovative industry. LS Group is a large producer of oil drilling machinery, oil refining and chemical equipment, heat exchangers, nuclear power and general machinery. Building upon its know-how, LS Group also participates in the increasing renewable energy industry by producing and developing machinery for solar, wind and other innovative renewable energy power plants. To enforce the benefits of the energy production cluster in Lanzhou, LS Group is currently building a huge campus with several production facilities, R&D centres and even apartments for its employees. After the introduction to the group’s products in the showroom, a tour through one of the production facilities gave us a good impression about the manufacturing of the products.

With unforgettable memories from the Lanzhou visit, we afterwards headed to the airport to reach our next target – Shanghai. At the delegation dinner, we finally had the chance to taste the famous Shanghai speciality “Xiao Long Bao”, a pork dumpling filled with a delicious soup. As if not enough, another highlight was scheduled for the evening. At a karaoke party, the students showed that they are not only talented in the academic area, but also have impressive artistic abilities.

The delegation being guided through the impressive showroom of LS Group



Surprisingly, the delegation drives through the production facilities by bus and explores the huge products of LS Group.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-27 um 16.12.09

Another delicious dinner while strengthening the good relations among the delegation

IMG_1202 - Kopie (2)


Day 7: Lanzhou

by Sowjanya Alluri 

There are some events in the life of every individual, which keep on knocking the memory throughout the life. I have also experienced a few such events in my life and the student career. Out of these events, my visit to Beijing is the latest experience. Besides observing Chinese culture, I could gather very useful information, which will be helpful during my studies.

After reaching Lanzhou today, we visited “Dunhuang Art Gallery” – a digital art gallery. In fact, the original art gallery is far away from the city. The conducting officer briefed us about each and every corner of the gallery. We really enjoyed the visit and gathered useful information.

In the evening, the entire delegation has been invited for dinner. Relationship with officials from Lanzhou department of education and Prof. Peter Abplanalp nearly started 23 years ago. Prof. Peter Abplanalp played a major role in developing the relationship between FHNW and Lanzhou officials. A really nice and lavish dinner was hosted by Lanzhou officials in our honor. We reached a little early to dinner time, as we wanted to have some discussion with the hosts to make it memorable. After the dinner, the hosts provided us an opportunity to sit together and share our views with each other. We sang and danced to both Swiss and Chinese songs. It was fun and joyful evening. As a token of love from the Chinese people, we were presented gifts by the Chinese officials after the dinner.

The Chinese people extended great hospitality towards us during our entire visit. We were able to be acquainted with the Chinese culture. I am sure this visit will remain one of my best memories in China.


Head of our delegation, Dr. Yufan Jiang, addressing the guests


Interactions over a delicious dinner


Multiple delegation members toasting the Chinese and Swiss Delegation

IMG_0859 IMG_0867


Our delegation dancing to Chinese music


Insight China’s Project team with Minister Chen, Province Gansu


Presenting the wooden Trauffer cows as gifts from the Delegation