Partners from different industries, ensure a successful execution of the Insight China Project. Here you get some impressions about the Insight China Project.

Janwillem Acket, Chief Economist Julius Bär

Huawei Shenzhen Company Visit

Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Emeritus Professor at IMD

Lenovo Beijing Company Visit

Shanghai Stock Exchange

Chinese Government Visit

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch, Head of SECO

Alibaba Headquarter Hangzhou

Alibaba Headquarter Hangzhou

Syngenta Beijing Company Visit

Bühler Wuxi Company Visit

Preparatory Seminar Franke

Swatch Group Visit

Raisecom Company Visit

Swiss Embassy in China

Preparatory Seminar

Schindler Shanghai Company Visit

Kühne & Nagel Warehouse