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Project Team 2016

PR Team 2016

Project Team 2015

PR Team 2015

Project Team 2014

PR Team 2014

Project Team 2013

PR Team 2013

Simon Keller, Markus Rytz and Bugra Ablak

Project Team 2012

Daniel Dubler, Pascal Künzi and Samuel Merker

Project Team 2011

PR Team 2011

Project Team 2010

PR Team 2010

Stefan Zumsteg, Ruomei Graf-Li and Tomo von Felten
Michael Döbeli, Andrea Krebs and Taing Chung-Enh

Project Team 2009

Fanna Kong, Kim Quy Ly, Inna Steiner and Matthias Mosimann

Project Team 2008

Stefano De Micheli, Stefan Hutter, Jean-Philippe Persico and Tobias Peter